Possession Management and Isolation Services

What we can deliver...

The last few months have been extremely busy, with lots of projects building up to Christmas Blockades. There will be an intensive work schedule at Christmas particularly for Crossrail and Thameslink.

Recently, we have been given an extension to our possession delivery contracts, which covers Wales, Western and East Midlands. We have also had an extension to our works on Thameslink, which will be re-tendered next year.

As part of our ongoing works with Crossrail, we have now been appointed to provide Worksite Management along with our existing Isolation Delivery. The Delivery Team mobilised by making arrangements for providing a more robust service than is currently being delivered.

The last few months has seen Crossrail reach 50% completion of the above ground works – with the next three years providing new challenges with increasingly complex infrastructure and busy work schedules.

The Crossrail team welcomes an additional 34 people, which are being supported by Ian Marcham and Rob Wilkinson.

Our highly experienced safety critical personnel hold multi disciplinary competences. They have ensured that projects are delivered in a safe and timely manner. This includes the following roles and duties:

  • Safe Work Leaders
  • Person in Charge of Possession
  • Lookout / Site Warden
  • Controller of Site Safety
  • Protection Controller
  • Engineering Supervisor
  • Authorised Persons
  • Nominated Persons
  • Earthing Assistants
  • Possession Assistants
  • Relay/Renewals Bonding
  • Temporary Bonding
  • Level Crossing Attendants
  • Points Operators

Our multi-skilled teams have an array of skills; we have expertise in access management, isolations, safety critical duties, supervising engineering work sites and SSoW planning. We are able to manage both possessions and isolations as a coherent joined-up service.

In addition to this we have the largest team of PICOPs external of Network Rail and a support team of over 350 staff with an array of safety competences. We have a successful history in supporting possessions in the following areas across the United Kingdom:

  • Thameslink Project
  • Crossrail Project
  • Great Northern
  • West Country
  • Wales
  • East Midlands
  • Thames Valley
  • West Coast Mainline (South)
  • North East
  • Wessex
  • London Kings Cross Station Project
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