Our Podcasts

Bridgeway Podcast - Episode 1 - Employee Wellbeing
Bridgeway's HR Director Lisa Brackner and Managing Director Pino De Rosa discuss employee wellbeing on our first podcast! In this episode we discuss employee wellbeing and what that means to Pino and Bridgeway and what resources exist for employees at Bridgeway."
Bridgeway Podcast - Episode 2 - National Apprenticeship Week
It's apprenticeship week and Bridgeways HR Director Lisa Brackner talks apprenticeships with Matt Foster and Lewis Thomas in our second episode of the Bridgeway podcast. In this episode Lisa and Matt talk about his background in apprenticeships and what his involvement is within Bridgeway, we're also joined by Lewis Thomas who talks about his experience as an apprentice and why you should consider an apprenticeship in the rail industry with Bridgeway Consulting."
Bridgeway Podcast - Episode 3 - What Safety Means To Me
With Steve's upcoming safety campaign "What Safety Means to Me", Bridgeways HR Director Lisa Bracker and Corporate HSQE & Sustainability Director Steve Diksa sit down to chat about safety and what it means to Steve. In this episode Steve discusses his time in the industry, how safety has progressed in the industry and his contributions to safety within the industry. Bridgeway Consulting is one of the industry leaders in safety on and around the track, ensuring the job is done properly and safely."
Bridgeway Podcast - Episode 4 - Armed Forces Week
In this episode of the Bridgeway Podcast we celebrate Armed Forces Week with our SI/GI Director Mark Lindahl. Mark discusses his experience of the transition from the Armed Forces to Civilian Life with Chris Marren who was his Training Sergeant at Gib Barracks for the B3 Combat Engineers course."
Bridgeway Consulting - Episode 5 - Women in Engineering
In this episode we spent some time with Zoe Smithurst, Katie Barrowclough and Rachel Wharton as they discuss their experience as women in engineering and what got them into engineering."
Bridgeway Podcast - Episode 6 - My Year in Industry
In this episode, Bridgeways HR Director Lisa sits down with Abbie Webb from SiGi to discuss her graduate placement with Bridgeway. Abbie talks about how shes really grown and improved her confidence."